AGM is coming up on 24th October 2017 at 6pm
at the Civic Hall in Cottingham

Motion for AGM

It is proposed that, in line with the HSASG Constitution, that the Committee’s term in office be extended for no more than up to six months in order to wind up the group and transfer all assets to a designated NHS Charitable trust with the explicit instructions that any such funds be used to support the LFU and Sleep Apnoea sufferers exclusively.

Proposed: Allan Robins

Seconded: John Altass

The Humber Sleep Apnoea Support Group (HSASG) is a voluntary organisation which is supported by the Sleep Centre at Castle Hill Hospital near Hull. It is the intention of the group to undertake a number of activities to promote understanding of the issues related to Sleep Apnoea. These include …

1. Running two Open Support Group Meetings each year as a forum for interested parties to get together and exchange views and information

2. Supporting a “buddy” system for newly diagnosed sufferers of Sleep Apnoea

3. Producing various information leaflets for GP’s and other health professionals.

Membership of the Group is aimed principally at anyone diagnosed as suffering from sleep apnoea (including partners) but we welcome other interested parties. Currently membership is free but donations are gratefully accepted.

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The HSASG is registered for Gift Aid Relief (XT5681)

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