Patient Information Leaflet
The Lung Function Unit at Castle Hill have produced a Patient Information Leaflet which can be  downloaded by following this link.

How does having sleep apnoea affect my motor insurance?
You should inform you motor insurance provider that you have been diagnosed as having sleep apnoea. Different insurers have different attitudes.

Do I have to inform the DVLA?
You have a legal obligation to inform the DVLA about your condition. The Drivers Information Page on the DVLA website has extensive information about how Medical Rules are applied and links to the appropriate forms. Providing your sleep apnoea is well controlled there are usually no problems with keeping your license.

Will I have any problems travelling?
Although your CPAP machine is normally used in the home it may also be taken with you when you travel. The flow generator can be used in other countries and it can also be run in vehicles using a special adapter. Its use is approved by some airlines but you should make detailed arrangements with the airline for use on a particular flight. British Airways accept the use of a CPAP machine others do not. Patients of the Lung Function Unit at Castle Hill Hospital can be given a letter which explains the treatment if any information is requested by airport security. CPAP machines are normally allowed to be carried as hand luggage which avoids the risk of damage in a suitcase. It may be a good idea to pack a short extension lead as hotel sockets are not always next to the bed.

For further details of available accessories and spare parts please consult your equipment supplier or the Lung Function Unit.

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