If you have found this site of interest you may wish to join the HSASG. Certain conditions apply, please see rule 5 of the constitution below. Registering on this site does not confer membership of the Group . Currently there is no charge for membership but donations are gratefully received. You may download a copy of the membership form here

Our constitution is shown below but may also be downloaded here.

Humber Sleep Apnoea Support Group

1 Name
The name of the Group is The Humber Sleep Apnoea Support Group (“the Group”).

2 Management
Subject to the matters set out below, the Group and its assets shall be managed in accordance with this constitution by a Steering Committee, constituted by Clause 7 of this Document (“the Steering Committee”)

3 Objects
The Group’s objects (‘the objects’) are to promote the relief of persons suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA); to advance the education of sufferers and the general public and to assist in the promotion of research into sleep related problems.

4 Powers
In furtherance of the objects (Clause 3 above), the Steering Committee has the powers to carry out the following.
(a) Raise funds and receive Members’ subscriptions and contributions:fund raising must comply with all relevant legislation and no substantial trading activity must take place.
(b) Pay any sums incurred in accordance with activities relating to the objects.
(c) Co-operate with other charities, voluntary bodies, statutory authorities and medical suppliers in furtherance of the objects.

5 Membership
(a) The following shall be entitled to membership of the Group
(i) Anyone over the age of 18 years who is on the list of the Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (“the Hospital”) as being diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. (ii) Anyone over 18 years who is related to a sufferer or generally interested in furthering the work of the Group, subject to the agreement of the Steering Committee.
(iii) Any organisation, at the invitation of the Steering Committee, which is interested in the objects of the Group and has paid any annual subscription fee agreed.
(iv) Clinical Staff of the NHS at the specific invitation of the Steering Committee.
(b) Members Subscriptions
(i) The Steering Committee will decide the Annual Subscription for individual Members and any affiliated organisations or invited members.
(c) Members voting rights at Steering, Annual and Special General Meetings
(i) Each individual Member shall have one vote at any meeting held by the Group and all votes determined by simple majority.
(ii) Affiliated Organisations (Clause 5a ( iii)) with commercial interests in supplying medical equipment used in the relief of OSA shall not be accorded voting rights.
(iii) In the event of any ballot held at Steering Committee, Special and Annual General Meetings being tied, the Chairman shall have an additional casting vote.
(iv) Ex. Officio members will not be accorded voting rights.

6 Honorary Officers
At the Annual General Meeting of the Group, the Members (Clause 5a (i to iii) above) shall elect from amongst paid up Members; an Honorary Chairman; Honorary Vice Chairman; Honorary Secretary; and Honorary Treasurer. They will retire annually at the Annual General Meeting but can offer themselves for re-election.

7 Steering Committee
(a) The Steering Committee shall consist of the 4 Honorary Officers (Clause 6 ) and a minimum of four Members elected at the Annual General Meeting.
(b) The Steering Committee may co-opt additional Members or persons, on an ad hoc basis from time to time who have specific, specialist skills; such co-opted persons will have no vote at any Steering Committee Meetings.
(c) Representatives of the NHS Clinical Staff and Ex. Officio members may attend the Steering Committee Meetings by invitation but will have no voting powers.
(d) The Steering Committee may appoint a Member to replace any Honorary Officer or other Steering Committee Member who may retire during the year of office. Anyone so appointed must resign at the next Annual General Meeting.
(e) A Steering Committee Member can only be removed by vote of the Members at Special or Annual General Meeting or upon becoming incapable by reason of mental disorder, illness or injury, of managing and administering their affairs. A Steering Committee Member may be rendered liable for removal from office by the Steering Committee if the Member had not attended three consecutive meetings to which they had been invited.
(f) All members of the Steering Committee shall retire at the end of the Annual General Meeting following the year of their appointment. They may offer themselves for re-election.
(g) The Steering Committee, created at the inception of the Group in 2004, was selected from sufferers who attended the first Support Group Open Meeting and who volunteered to serve on the Steering Committee. At the Support Group Open Meeting held on 23 September 2004 this action was confirmed and those attending affirmed their support for the policies outlined by the Chairman and for the Steering Committee to continue until the Annual General Meeting to be held in September 2005.

8 Meetings
(a) Appropriate Open Support Group Meetings will be held each year, as decided by the Steering Committee. One must be held in theAutumn each year and will include, in its agenda, the business of the Annual General Meeting which should be conducted before other business of that meeting. A quorum will be 10% of the members, including the honorary officers.
(b) A Steering Committee Meeting will be held at least every two months, but additional meetings may be held if thought necessary and agreed by at least two Honorary Officers. A quorum will be Chairman or Vice Chairman plus one other Honorary Officer plus Two other Steering Committee Members.
(c) Any ten Humber Sleep Apnoea Support Group Members may request a Special General Meeting by writing to the Honorary Secretary with the motion to be put to the members or submit a motion for the Annual General Meeting. The Steering Committee must then convene a Special Meeting giving 21 days notice to all Members entitled to vote. Any motion for the Annual General Meeting must be received by the Honorary Secretary 28 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.. A quorum at both meetings will be 10% of the members entitled to vote, including Honorary Officers.
(d) Proper Minutes will be taken at all Meetings of the Support Group, signed by the Chairman as a proper record at the next available meeting and filed for future reference. All other documentation presented and discussed at all Meetings will also be properly filed by the Hon. Secretary.
(e) The Honorary Secretary will arrange for Agendas to be sent to all Members entitled to attend any meeting, giving at least 7 days notice for a Steering Committee Meeting and 21 days notice for all other Meetings.
(f) The Steering Committee may appoint Sub Committees to carry out specific projects on behalf of the Steering Committee.
(g) Alteration to the Constitution can only be made by calling a Special General Meeting (Clause 8 c above) or at the Annual General Meeting, in both cases, by giving proper notice to the Honorary Secretary (Clause 8 c above). No amendments shall be made that will cause the group to cease to be a charity in law.

9 Finance and accounts
(a) Proper books of account will be kept along with documents to support all Income and Expenditure.
(b) An Income and Expenditure Account and Statement of Funds will be presented at all Steering Committee Meetings and an Audited version presented to the Annual General Meeting.
(c) A Member will be appointed by the Annual General meeting to act as Honorary Auditor.
(d) The Honorary Treasurer will be responsible to the Steering Committee for ensuring that all Fund Raising, Lottery and Promoter activity complies with all legal requirements and that all Statutory reporting of Financial matters and Gift Aid requirements are met.
(e) Any Bank Accounts will be operated in the name of the Humber Sleep Apnoea Support Group, with the Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Chairman,, Honorary Vice Chairman and Honorary Secretary operating two signature mandates.
(f) The funds will only be applied for the administration of the Group and the execution of its Objects.

10 Dissolution
If it is deemed necessary, or advisable, to cease the activities of the Group, the Steering Committee will give 21 day notice of a Special Meeting to all members, giving reasons for the proposed dissolution. If two thirds of eligible voting members decide to close down the Group, the Steering Committee will arrange for all assets to be realised and liabilities cleared. Any balance remaining to be used to provide equipment recommended by the Clinical Staff of the Hospital Lung Function Department for the relief of Sleep Apnoea patients only.

11 Matters relating to the Charities Act 1992 When the activities of the Group reach a point when it would be advantageous or there is a legal requirement that registration under the Charities Act 1992 has to be made, the Steering Committee will take any action necessary and amend the Constitution accordingly. Such action to be authorised by the Group in Special or Annual General Meeting. Revised Constitution incorporating amendments agreed at the Annual General Meeting held at the Civic Hall Cottingham, East Yorkshire on Thursday 8th November 2007 and signed by the Hon. Chairman T D Walton and Hon Secretary A Robins. 8th November 2007. and amendments agreed at the Special General Meeting held on 8th May 2008 as suggested by HM R & C..

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