R Moseley

I don’t have any bother sleeping – as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m away.  It was my wife that told me I snored and also stopped breathing.  I didn’t know as I was asleep!

I went to see the doctor about another problem and mentioned this to him, but his reply was that most people snore.  My wife, bless her, suggested that I go back to the doctor and say that she thought that I may have Sleep Apnoea, as I was stopping breathing for long periods whilst I was asleep, so could I be tested?  At this point I was sent to see the ladies at the Lung Function Clinic and was given a “testing kit.”  The rest is history……. I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea and given a CPAP machine to take home.

I have been lucky that I have had no problems with my machine and face mask.  I require less sleep now because I am getting quality sleep.  Also, my wife gets more sleep because she is no longer sitting up all night waking me every time I stop breathing.  The bruises on my shins have also healed up!

Ray Moseley

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