The CPAP System

  • A flow generator to produce the pressurised air.
  • A flexible length of tubing to carry the air to you.
  • A mask worn over the nose or mouth and nose with ports or a device to allow the exhaled air to escape.
  • Head straps to hold the nasal mask in place.
  • The Flow Generator


    The CPAP machine is a flow generator which consists of a pump that sucks air in from the room through a dust filter and blows it out under a pre-set pressure.  This pressure varies from person to person.

    Most CPAP machines have a delay timer or an inbuilt “ramping system”.  This allows you to become accustomed to a low pressure of air whilst falling off to sleep.  The machine will then gradually build up to the pre-set treatment pressure when you are sleeping.

    The CPAP Mask


    The standard mask fits over the nose leaving the mouth free.  Mask designs vary between manufacturers but they share a number of common features.

    • A flexible cushion which rests against the face. Some masks may have a second, very thin membrane in addition to this.
    • A hard plastic shell with attachment points for the head straps that keep the mask in place during sleep.
    • An inlet tube, which allows CPAP tubing to attach to the mask.
    • Outlet port(s) which allow the exhaled air to escape.  Some newer designs have a swivel feature built in to this port to allow directional control.

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